2024 WVHIMA Call for Board Nominations

Calling all nominees! WVHIMA is seeking nominations for elected officers for the 2024-2025 Board of Directors!

Are you interested, or know someone who would be a great nominee? See below for more information on each position and how you can send in your nomination today!

WVHIMA Board Nominations

The WVHIMA Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for fellow members and/or yourself as possible candidates for the WVHIMA Board positions for the next fiscal year July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025. All nominees must be active WVHIMA members in good standing.

Nominations are open for the following positions.

  1. President-Elect — Serves a term of one year prior to becoming President, then continues to serve on the WVHIMA Board of Directors as President, and then Past President for two years. A total commitment of four years. 1 member will be elected as President-Elect, and the second-place vote from the President-Elect ballots will become the Vice President for a 1-year tenure.
  2. Director — Serves a term of three years and is responsible for observing and learning the operations of WVHIMA through updating the bylaws, policies and procedures, and familiarizing themselves with the committee and reporting structure of WVHIMA in preparation to be a candidate for President-Elect upon completion of term, if desired. 1 member will be elected as Director.
  3. Secretary — Serves a term of one year, and assists the President in scheduling board meetings, conference calls, and taking the business minutes at all executive and board meetings for that term. 1 member will be elected as secretary.
  4. Nominating Committee — Serve as committee member to the second year past president to seek and solicit candidates for upcoming nomination and ballots. The term is one year. 2 members will be elected for nominating committee.

Click on the hyperlinks above to learn for more information on the duties and responsibilities of each officer position for the ballot.

This year’s committee members include Jennifer Royce, Chair (as second year past president), Courtney Majic, and Tonya Demyon (as elected members).  Please feel free to reach out to the committee to nominate (including self-nomination) or answer any questions regarding the process for the candidates at Nominating@wvhima.org  Nominations can also be entered on WVHIMA.org under the “About Us” – “Call for Nominations” Tab or at the link within this email.

Nominations will be accepted now through February 23rd. Election will begin on March 11th and close April 1st. Candidates will be notified of the election outcome after April 1st.

Elected Officers will be honored during the 2024 WVHIMA Annual Convention.